6 Spices To Enjoy Spicy and Healthy Food

It is generally believed that healthy food is always tasteless. However, this is not true. Here are 6 spices to add taste and health to your food.

Cayenne Pepper

healthy foodRecent studies have recommended Cayenne peppers because it contains capsaicin which acts as a metabolism booster. Therefore, it is used in thermogenics and topical painkillers. This benefit can be enjoyed with any snack.

Some studies have also proven that, apart from adding taste to food, capsaicin also suppresses hunger. It can result in 200 calories less than non eaters. It is also predicted that it can prevent cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer.


Garlic is a magical spice that has become a medicine. It has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It decreases inflammation. It also helps in regulating blood pressure. It is rich with hydrogen sulfide which an important antioxidant. Hydrogen sulfide regulates blood flow. Hydrogen sulfide is not found in many food items. However, garlic contains it in plenty. Therefore, garlic is used for its many benefits.

Its major component is allicin. Garlic can be best to use after 10 minutes of chopping. But it should not be used after 45 minutes of chopping and not immediately as well because allicin takes 10 minutes to form.

Cinnamon is a treasure spice for health. It acts as a natural antibacterial and food preservative. It helps in blocking the growth of bacteria. According to some studies, it reduces LDL cholesterol. It also balances blood sugar for patients with type 2 diabetes.

A half teaspoon of cinnamon in the morning everyday gives pain relief to the arthritis patients in a few days. Cinnamon is an anti-coagulant. It also improves cognitive function. It is as nutritious as oatmeal, protein muffins and morning coffee. It can be used in stews, chili, roasted vegetables and brown rice.



It may not be tasty for all, but guacamole and Thai cooking cannot miss it. It is anti-inflammatory and a natural food preservative. It can guard against salmonella. It reduces nausea, swelling and severity of menstrual cramping.


It mostly adds flavor to tea. It cures nausea, stomach irritation, and diarrhea. It also relieves you from the feelings of sickness, pain and fever. It can also lessen migraine pain. It can be used as a spice on salads. It is used to add flavor to chicken, salmon, pork, or flank steak.


It is a very useful antibacterial spice. Its major component is curcumin. It can have a positive impact on Alzheimer’s, arthritis, chronic kidney disease and types of cancers. It is very effective against Escherichia coli which can cause food poisoning.

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