About the Author

My name is Jacques Delorme and I have been around sports for over 30 years as an official, player, coach and a board member with the Saskatchewan Volleyball Association. I am a certified coach in baseball, basketball, football, volleyball and wrestling and I have coaches all age groups from 3 yr olds all the way up to a masters (over 35).The sport I have been most involved in is volleyball. I started playing at the age of 12 and eventually played for 2 years at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada while taking my education degree. I continued to play until Iwas in my late 30s and then quit to spend more time coaching my son in the sport. I completed my Level 2 NCCP certification to continue my coaching development.

A Teaching Career

I completed my Bachelor of Education degree in Chemistry, physical education and general science in 1990 and began teaching in small town Saskatchewan. I became the athletic director of my school and school division and coached volleyball, curling, badminton, softball and track and field for 5 years.When I changed schools in 1995, I got the chance to coach football as a defensive coordinator/linebacker coach. We went on to win a Provincial Championship with a 10 – 0 season. Our star middle linebacker was Lyndon Rush who went on to compete for 5 years for the University of Saskatchewan football team.Because of his size and power, he was asked to try bobsledding. He finished with a bronze in the Olympic Games in the 2-man bob sled. He is now paired with Jesse Lumsden (a former CFL running back) in the 2 man bobsled finishing silver at the 2012 World Championships.

I changed schools again in 1997 and went on to teach mostly Chemistry and some junior science and was given the chance to start a new sport – basketball. It was a steep learning curve as I had never played the sport let alone coach it. I coached Grade 9/10 boys and had a great time while having two very good mentors to learn from.


Coaching and Nutrition

As a part of my coaching, I didn’t always stressed proper nutrition. Back when I started playing and then coaching, there was very little emphasis on eating properly. When my son started taking his training more seriously, I gathered up to date information on sports nutrition to get him to make the most of his efforts. As a result, I have created this site to communicate with others interested in learning more about the training, nutrition and motivation of youth athletes.

Advertising by companies like GNC, Popeye’s and MuscleTech has introduced our younger generation to what adult athletes have been doing for years – supplementing their diet to improve performance and recovery. Unfortunately, a lot of our teenage athletes are not doing it correctly. They are not asking the right questions, getting bad advice from friends instead of professionals or simply just trying what they think will work. The desire to be the next great athlete has parents sometimes reliving their childhood through their kids. Knowing supplements can help, parents allow it to be taken by their kids, but do not always monitor what is being done. I have personally seen a number of athletes with rather strange habits:

Taking a Red Bull and Advil or tylenol before matches or practice – one to give the energy, the other to dull pain.A 17 yr old male taking a product which contains an amino acid designed to boost testosterone levels. The boost in testosterone is needed for older aging males trying to train but is pointless for a teenage male with already high levels.There are a shocking number of athletes using energy drinks like Monster, AMP, etc in large quantities to get the “rush” they feel thinking it isn’t harming them. The warning on the can should tell them otherwise.

This website is the result of several months of research and training. Updates are being made as feedback comes in and research studies are released. I will continue to study and learn as much about youth training as I can find. This site will contain the most up to date information I can find. Feel free to contact me with your comments or requests for more information. I have done presentations for sports groups, community groups as well as schools. Once information is completed in late 2012, I will be releasing training materials that will be available on this site.

“Teach and guide our youth before the lessons they learn by trial and error alone render them incapable of reaching their true potential.”

Jacques Delorme
Founder and CEO
ViSports Youth Training
“Opportunities are never lost…
someone will take the one you missed.”