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Anabolic Steroid Use in Teenagers

Anabolic steroids are used for weight gain, size, strength, power, speed, endurance, and aggressiveness. Anabolic Steroids increase protein synthesis giving you a faster recovery time and the ability to reach quicker gains from strength and power in half the time of a normal athlete. Steroids make muscle fibers larger, which is why you will see athletes with full pumps at all times. In other words, with you being 16 years old and observing the difference in the body mass of the steroid user you will see the continual pump from the amount of muscle fibers, and cells groomed by the testosterone ingested into the user’s body.

anabolic steroidsSteroids trigger calcium release and allow your muscles to contract quickly and more powerfully. This will make you feel that you can lift the world! The short-term benefits of steroids to me are no comparison to the long-term affects especially within a teenager. At 16, the emotions and hormone imbalance that you are experiencing is a breeding ground for “ Roid Rage”. Although most people say it’s a myth, the science proves that you will be affected in your mind and body. It is real, and nothing about it is a myth! Some of the main conditions you may experience are toxic liver, kidneys, abnormal heartbeat, and cancer. Now keep in mind you have to take more than 400 mg of the substance per week. To you that means 1/6 of a teaspoon. If you do this at 16 years old for 52 weeks out of a year you will inevitably cause severe damage to your body and to your wallet.

So you say you are interested in growth hormone. That does not surprise me, as this particular steroid is all that is broadcast these days. I know you are young and looking for breakthroughs. But just remember that for every action there is a reaction, and this is especially true in the case of taking chemistry in your own hands. Prolonged use will produce low blood sugar, elevated insulin levels, heart enlargement, enlarged bone structure, osteoporosis, heart disease, and insulin resistance just to name a few. Is the destruction of your body at an elevated rate better than progressively grooming yourself to be a top athlete through hard work and diet? I would say no!

anabolic steroidsNow lets take this discussion one step further. The ethical aspect of doping is truly the bottom line here. However you try to rationalize it, one of your favorite athletes has probably been accused or tried for their role in anabolic steroid use or coordination of a sell. The U.S. Law frowns upon athlete use of anabolic steroids, and in most cases, athletes lie about the use of steroids to prevent detriment of character. You yourself will have to battle with all the ethical ramifications of these drugs. Pressure among teens can be worse than any adult.

You have your whole adolescent life ahead of you. Please do not partake in steroid use. Consider nutrition, proper supplementation and hard work. You will be happy that you did in the end.

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