Effect of Microwaves on Food

The effect of microwaves has been largely ignored by the general population due to its sheer convenience. It is just microwaves, they can’t hurt can they? There have been clinical studies done in Switzerland, Germany and Russia that produced a number of valuable conclusions. Here is what they found.

effect of microwaves1. Your body works on electrical impulses sent by neurons and your brain is the control center.  Tissues in your brain work like a magnet – they are polarized with opposite charges on either side. Eating food heated in a microwave oven has been shown to cause long term, permanent damage by causing a short circuit of the electrical impulses your brain needs. It weakens the polarity of the tissue.

2. There are a number of by-products that are created by microwaving food. Your body does not have the ability to break down some of these compounds.

3. The food by-products have been shown to be long lasting, permanent compounds in the body.

4. An unusual effect of microwaves is the shut down or changes made to the production of male and female hormones. Change the hormones, change your sex drive and overall health as well.

healthy foods5. Microwaving food decreases or changes the amount of vitamins and minerals causing poor nutrition or the ingestion of altered compounds that are of no value to your body.

6. Vegetables contain minerals that can release free radicals that can cause cancer when exposed to microwaves.

7. Microwaved foods can cause cancerous tumours in the intestines and stomach. There has been significant growth in colon cancer cases in North America and the UK – the two areas where microwave ovens are most commonly used.

8. The cancerous effect of microwaves also causes an increase in abnormal cells in human blood.

9. Your immune system can take a beating from microwaves when your blood serum (white blood cells) and lymph glands can be negatively affected.

10. The most disturbing effect of microwaves is in the realm of psychology.  Memory and concentration loss, emotional changes and a loss of intelligence all point towards the further effects on the brain.

The convenience of microwave ovens can not be understated. We live in a fast food society where the effect of microwaves is secondary to saving time and moving on with your daily activities.


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