Fitness Myths – Never Believe These Nutrition Falasies

Fitness myths can really confuse people on what they should and should not be doing when working out. I have compiled a number of them and will explain why they are false. I am sure you have heard several of these. Beware of the unknown and make sure what you hear and read is actually good information.

Bad  Fitness Myths

fitness myth1. “As long as you are exercising, it does not matter what you eat, you will burn it all off anyway.”  Working out and burning 1000 calories in a day and taking in 3500 will obviously not help you to stay in shape.  This is especially true when the calories you eat are poor quality. Your muscles need good sources of carbohydrates and protein to replenish glycogen (stored energy) and rebuilding torn muscle fibers. Quality nutrition will help you to burn fat and build muscle.

2. “Eat three square meals a day is the only way to eat properly.” Research shows that eating 6 smaller meals a day spaced 2 – 3 hours apart is far more effective to lose weight and gain muscle. A regular supply of nutrients is better than spaced out large meals.

3. “High carbohydrate, low fat diets are the best way to lose weight.” As far as fitness myths go, the variety of diets out on the market that claim to be the best are making claims not backed by research. High carb diets can put you into overdose mode and creating fat.

4. “Counting calories is the only way to be sure you are eating properly.” Some swear by this idea but it can be far simpler to count portions instead of struggling to add up every little thing you eat. Simpler and just as effective.


5. “You have to eat perfectly to get results.” Interesting…. fitness myths are crazy sometimes but this one is flat out nuts. Who eats perfectly all the time? NOBODY! It has even been suggested to give yourself one off day a week to snack (not binge) on some of the “nasty” foods that you avoid the rest of the week. Have some chips or chicken wings and beer, just not every day.

I found a good video on fitness myths related to nutrition from registered dietitian Ashely Koff .

Don’t believe all of the fitness myths you hear especially related to nutrition. Some are not myths and are actually true but you won’t know without checking with someone who really knows the truth. Educate yourself to help get you to the best results using the best advice.


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