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Green Tea: The Natural Fat Burning Beverage

Green tea isn’t only a tasty beverage that quenches thirst during and after a workout, but it’s also the type of beverage that can help one shed the extra pounds, while giving you that extra boost you need during a workout session. So, what is it about green tea that’s so special? Besides the numerous vitamins it contains (Vitamin E, C, and B2 among others), the two main ingredients are Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and caffeine; so, let’s dive in and see why these two components make green tea the perfect fat burning drink.

 EGCG – prevents carb absorption 

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Simply put, EGCG is an active compound found in green tea that serves as a blocking agent when it comes to carbohydrate absorption. In other words, it doesn’t let the body process carbs as it normally would, which as you might know, can result in a few extra pounds. Instead, it helps the carbs exit the body without ever being processed and turned into fat.

The recommended daily green tea intake is between 3 to 7 cups a day. This also means that you can enjoy an occasional croissant or other guilty pleasures that are carb-based, without worrying too much about your waistline.

Caffeine – boosts the metabolic rate

It’s not a myth; caffeine does contribute to weight loss, if consumed on a regular basis. In other words, caffeine found in green tea can increase one’s metabolic rate, which means they’re burning calories faster. But another hidden benefit of this ingredient is that it can actually serve as an energy booster and give you that extra motivation for a workout on a hard day. Unlike caffeine in coffee, caffeine in green tea can be found in smaller doses, which is actually perfect as it won’t make you crave for more during your workout. The approximately 60 mg of caffeine that one cup of tea contains is the perfect amount to see you through a 1-hour-workout. Furthermore, unlike coffee, green tea won’t make you feel hyper or jittery, and it won’t cause a headache if you go a few hours without it.

Green tea – cold or warm

The fat burning property of green tea is not affected by temperature. Whether you like it cold as a refreshment during a workout, or as a warm beverage before your session, it truly doesn’t matter. However, one thing to bear in mind is not to poor boiling water over it when you’re preparing your green tea. The reason? Cooler water can help you achieve better taste as well as a richer concentration of vitamins like Vitamin C, and B2 which are beneficial for one’s metabolism and immune system.

So, whatever fat burning workout routine you’re on, with the help of green tea, you can achieve great results even faster. Not to mention, it is the perfect beverage for a winter workout as it gives you that soothing feeling, while providing that extra kick you need to break a sweat.

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