Nutrition Planning

I have been involved in youth sports as an athlete, a coach, a referee and as a parent.  Spending over 35 years watching sports nutrition evolve to what it is today has given me a new-found appreciation for the hard work that has gone into developing the programs that exist.

The Nutrition Planning Program is designed to help athletes to determine what, when and how much to eat by providing a framework to help choose the right foods and portion sizes.

This one-on-one planning session will include:

  • 45 – 60 minute session
  • Assessing your current meals and snacks
  • Meal planning strategies
  • Nutrition goal setting
  • Follow up session in 2 weeks (30 minutes)

Documentation provided includes:

1. Nutrition Planning Manual (Value: $250)

This is the main document that will guide you through several areas in planning your new way of eating including: Timing, Junk/Fast Food, Hydration, Portions, Plan and Prepare and Meal Planning charts.

2. Cooking Guide (Value: $50)

In the Meal Planning charts found in the Nutrition Planning Manual, a number of foods are listed to choose from to create a well-balanced meal or snack. Cooking these foods can be done in several ways. The specific page numbers indicate where to find the cooking instructions for that item in the Cooking Guide.

3. All Planning Charts (Value: $25)

4 charts are included: Workout-Practice-Game Planner, Day Chart, Week Chart and Shopping List

Instructions are included for each chart.

4. Meal Recipe Book (Value: $40)

My Recipe Book contains 20 different meal ideas covering many of the basic meals the athletes I mentor like to make with instructions on how to prepare them. All recipes contain healthy ingredients to help create a wholesome diet you can really enjoy.  Recipes include breakfast ideas (pancakes, oatmeal), chicken dishes, pasta sauces and salads.

5. Snack Recipe Book (Value: $30)

My Snack Recipes book contains 20 really good snack ideas using low calorie, high nutrient ingredients that are easy to make and fun to eat. Include healthy snacks in your daily diet to help with muscle recovery and fueling for training and competition.

Snack recipes include brownies, protein bites, muffins and energy bars. They are much cheaper to make than they are to buy in stores!

6. Smoothie Recipe Book (Value:  $30)

The most effective way to consume nutrients that your body will use right away is to use a smoothie with the right balance of protein and carbs.

This ebook covers the basics of how to create a smoothie as a morning or post workout drink. Included with the guidelines are over 150 recipe ideas using various combinations of fruits and liquids to add nutrients to your diet.

Total value:

– documents purchased individually = $425

– Initial meeting = $125

– Follow-up meeting = $60


As a complete program, pay only $249!