The Eight Most Popular Diets

The word diet is derived from Old French diete and Medieval Latin dieta meaning “a daily food allowance”. The Latin word diaeta and Greek word diaita mean “a way of life, a regimen”.

Here are the eight most popular diet plans but by no means are they the only ones out there.

Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet or Atkins Nutritional Approach is one of the most popular diets of present day. Its emphasis is on the level of insulin in your body through diet. If you consume huge amounts of refined carbohydrates your insulin levels will increase and fall rapidly. Increasing insulin levels may activate your body to collect as much of the energy we eat as possible. A lot of people who follow Atkins Diet may consume a greater amount of proteins than they generally do.

The Zone Diet

When it comes to the Zone Diet, it must comprise 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats, 30% protein. This diet aims at controlling insulin levels, which help in weight loss as well as weight management. While following this diet, people must consume unrefined carbohydrates and fats, like olive oil, avocado, and nuts.

Vegan Diet

It is actually more of a way of life and a philosophy than a diet. People who opt for veganism, do not consume anything that is animal based, be it eggs, milk products or honey. Apart from health reasons, they adopt veganism for environmental and ethical reasons. They are of the opinion that contemporary intensive farming techniques are not good for the environment and unjustifiable in the long term. Vegans strongly believe that if all their food were plant based it would be beneficial for animals as well as humans.

tournament foodsVegetarian Diet

A majority of vegetarians do not consume animal-based foods, except for eggs, milk-based products, or honey. Many studies have revealed that vegetarians have a lower body weight, are healthy, and usually live longer as compared to people who eat meat.

Weight Watchers Diet

This diet is designed keeping in mind weight loss through diet, workout and a support system. Weight Watchers Inc. came into existence in the 1960s when a housewife, who had lost some weight, was worried about putting it back on, and created a network of friends. Weight Watchers is a big company, having its branches across the world. People who are on a diet can join either physically or online. In both circumstance, it would help immensely with the wide record of information related to dieting available.

South Beach Diet

The founders of this diet were Dr. Agatston, cardiologist, and Marie Almon, a nutritionist. The South Beach Diet has emphasis on the control of insulin levels, and the benefits of unrefined slow carbs vs fast carbs. Dr. Agatston came up with this diet in the 90s because he was not happy with the low-fat, high-carb diet supported by the American Heart Association. He came up with the theory that low-fat diet was not effective in the long run.

Raw Food Diet

When it comes to the Raw Food Diet or Raw Foodism, it comprises plant-based and organic food and drinks. In this type of diet, processed foods are totally eliminated. The followers of this diet believe that three-quarters of the food intake should comprise uncooked food. A majority of raw foodists are also vegans as they don’t eat or drink anything which is animal based. Raw vegetarians, raw vegans, raw omnivores and raw carnivores are main types of raw foodists.

Mediterranean Diet

This Southern European diet’s particular emphasis is on the nutritional habits of the inhabitants of Crete, Greece and southern Italy. These days, Spain, southern France and Portugal are also included. The followers of Mediterranean Diet eat lots of plant-based foods, fresh fruits as desserts, beans, cereals and seeds in their diet. They use olive oil as the major source of dietary fats. Their diet includes dairy products like cheese and yogurts, adequate amounts of fish and poultry, red meat and moderate amount of wine.

No one specialized diet will work for everyone. What is good for one person may be terrible for someone else. In looking to choose a diet, you will need to take individual factors into consideration like your metabolism and body type as well as health conditions. Choose carefully and be willing to test it properly and make adjustments as you go to get results.

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