Smoothie Recipes


Most people do a pretty good job of fueling their body before a workout but what about afterwards? You will have put your body through a lot and it is now time to replace the burned energy and give your muscle the nutrients they need to rebuild. Your muscles do not grow while you lift. That happens much later and the process begins when you leave the gym.   Within 30 minutes of dropping your last weight, you need to eat lean protein to help rebuild muscles and some carbs to replenish glycogen. Research has shown that your muscle repair process will speed up continuously until its peak at 24 hours after you finish. It will then slow down to normal levels in the next 12 hours beyond that. Needless to say, eat well for the next day and a half to help build your body properly.



The most effective way to consume nutrients that your body will use right away is to use a smoothie with the right balance of protein and carbs.

This ebook covers the basics of how to create a smoothie as a morning or post workout drink. Included with the guidelines are over 150 recipe ideas using various combinations of fruits and liquids to add nutrients to your diet.