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Supplements for Teen Bodybuilders

“What supplements should I take?” – the biggest question asked by teens about training.

The following information was compiled by a 20 yr old bodybuilder who wishes to remain anonymous.

Firstly I would like to say that I have tried most supplement types out there whether its protein, BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino-Acids), Pre-Workout formula etc. I also research many in my spare time, including the dosages for them to be effective but not unsafe as well as the right time to be putting them into your system.

Many people see the bold marketing claims and see a professional claiming that the supplement works. The first thing they want to do is try it because the pro takes it and they look like THAT! However, 90% of the time these claims are mostly hype or do actually work but for a top athlete. For example, the pros have 6-8+ meals a day, which are timed perfectly to keep them in an anabolic state. Add to that, they have crazy genetics and they are on many supplements that you don’t even need to be thinking about. But while the majority of these products won’t work, there are some that do.

Supplements to Choose

Rather than looking at the label whether it looks horrible and made in a shed or a fancy label that has all these wonderful scientific sounding words on them. Look at the label objectively as in how much protein are you actually getting per scoop and how many scoops are you getting out of a tub and how long will that tub then last you? Because if you can only get 20 workouts for $70 dollars then that is not the product for you.

You should NEVER try several different supplements at one time because then, how do you know which one works? You may buy four fundemental supplements and see some great gains but then you are forced to buy all four again even though only one or two of them work.

So what works? What does science say? Is my mate right? Will taking this make me massive?

The short answers to those questions are; Who knows. Conflicting views. Probably not. No.

Now what I firmly believe to be the case – supplements do work. But only if you take them sensibly, take them right, if you have a great diet and are an animal in the gym. Science does have conflicting views. Protein supplements are a proven benefit a number of times over but other theories such as natural testosterone boosters are widely disputed over. As always Bro-Science comes into the discussion and its wrong. No supplement will make you massive on its own, unless its been spiked with dangerous drugs.

 Supplements – Recommendation

So what do I recommend teens take?

whey proteinProtein/Weight Gainer: Protein is the source of everything within the body especially your skeletal muscles. Many clean calories (found in weight gainers) build muscle because your body then has the right amount of macro nutrients.

Creatine: This is the most researched supplement in history, it aids the ATP energy system; giving you more energy and possibly making you stronger.

Multivitamin: Essential! When you train heavy and intensely for a long period of time your CNS and Immune System is lowered causing you to be more likely to catch a cold which means no training. So this multivitamin might be the one thing helping you build muscle because you can actually get to the gym.

Another option is to take greens powder. as a natural boost to your vegetable servings. Lean more by visiting Jen Reviews for a comprehensive look at what they are, their benefits for your health and some really good examples.

BCAA’s: Make up protein. Protein is also broken down in the body into amino acids. Therefore are crucial.

I am not going to tell you the amount to take of each supplement, what brand to buy or even what the benefits you get out from each product (I will let the supplement manufactures brag about that). The purpose of this was to tell you what was safe and what is recommended for teens. Remember these supplements are no joke! Take safely, read the label and follow the directions.

 Supplement Timing

Finally using the supplements mentioned above, here is a plan of when to take them so that you benefit from them as much as possible.

Upon Waking: Protein + Multivitamin.

Pre Workout: BCAA’s + Creatine (may also want to add some dextrose aka Gatorade or other comparable drink) NOT energy drinks. See HERE to findout why.

Post Workout: Protein + Creatine + BCAA’s.

Before Bed: BCAA’s.

This is a very simplistic but truthful way of supplement taking for teens. If you want a more scientific approach backed with studies. See my Nutrient Timing Article (to be written soon).

Eat Well, Train Hard.


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