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Top 6 High Protein Foods

The function of protein in the human body cannot be overemphasized. Eating high protein foods is especially critical for growing individuals, sports people and aging persons. Nonetheless, everyone needs proteins because they play an essential role in cell replacement and numerous body functions.

Daily Recommended Amounts

high Protein foodsThere is a little controversy as to just how much protein you need every day. The currently recommended daily intake is fixed at 56 grams for males ages 19 to 70 years. The recommended daily intake for women in the same age bracket is 46 grams. Athletes will need 25 – 30 grams per meal 4-5 times per day. It has been observed that if you take protein above these levels, it is automatically turned into energy. There are suspicions that excess protein overworks the liver.

Implications of Lack of Protein

Lack of sufficient protein causes several body dysfunctions and impairments. This food ingredient is one that draws lots of attention from nutritionists and food scientists alike. It seems to be only good in moderate amounts. You are doomed if you over consume it as you will gain weight and under-consumption will cause your body to not create muscle mass very easily.

Notable High Protein Foods

– Cheese
– Meet
– Beans
– Yogurt
– Lentils
– Nuts
– Tofu
– Chicken
– Eggs
– Nuts
– Seeds

6 High Protein Foods

high protein foods1. Tuna, halibut and salmon- fish: N 85 grams fillet contains 22 grams of protein. There is 1 gram for every 4.5 calories in this type of meat.

2. Lean chicken- every 100 grams contains 18.3 grams of protein. The protein to calorie ratio is 1 gram for every 4.6 calories. For turkey and chicken, 60 grams of the leg/drumstick contains 16 grams of protein, 37 grams of thigh contain 9 grams of protein, while 85 grams of turkey breast contains 26 grams of protein.

3. Cheese- mozzarella- non fat: 100 grams contains 32 grams of protein. The protein to calorie ratio is 1 gram for every 4.7 calories.

4. Beef (lean): 100 grams of flesh contain 36 grams of protein. The protein to calorie ratio is 1 gram of protein to 5.3 calories. 28 grams of T-bone steak gives you 19 grams of protein while a 20 gram piece of beef jerky provides 7 grams of protein

5. Pork: you get 30 grams of protein for every 100 grams of pork loin. The protein to calorie ratio stands at 1 gram for every 5.4 calories

6. Tofu: 100 grams of tofu flesh provides 7 grams of protein. The protein to calorie ratio is 1 gram of protein to every 7.4 calories.

While this list is a good guide, high protein foods are many and varied depending on where you live.

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