Will to Change to Make Yourself Better

A strong will to change yourself will serve you well in your quest to eat well and train hard to get results. Motivation will get you through the bad days when training is the last thing on your mind and eating good food is hard to handle with everyone around you enjoying “comfort food”. Stay committed when the pain is too much to bear and you hear the chatter of those around you saying “You can’t do it.”



“After thinking alot about my life I have decided I will never settle again. I will only take the best and fight till I get it. Whether it’s improving my mental game, my stamina, or my strength. This choice or even creed will get me to the top. If you choose this then live by it, no rest till you are at the top of your chosen sport.”


Believe in yourself. Be your own cheering section. Only you know what you are capable of, and how hard you are willing to play in order to win.

–┬áLinda Poindexter

When normal people are hurt, tired, or sweaty, they stop. When passionate people are hurt, tired, or sweaty, they keep going.

Think training is hard? Try losing.
– Unknown
You know you love your sport and are truly dedicated when you lie about being hurt..lie about the pain you are in just so no one will make you stop doing what you live for.
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