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Workout Recovery – During a Workout Makes a Difference

Workout recovery efforts can make a real difference in how your body responds to a tough training session. There are things you can do to help recovery, even during a workout.

caffeineA 2007 study done at the University of Georgia showed that drinking caffeine will increase performance, strength and energy level but can also help with workout recovery. It has shown to increase glycogen creation when taken with carbohydrates. The boost by caffeine also helps to finish an exercise with less loss in strength. My recommendation: yes, the study does show this but caffeine at higher levels can be dangerous so use in moderation only.

Fluids can be really critical to getting the right nutrients to your muscles at the appropriate time. Stay hydrated all the way through a workout by drinking at least 5-10 ounces of water every 15 minutes.

A new workout recovery method that has been growing in popularity is cardioacceleration. This method involves doing cardio for 20 minutes at 60 – 85% of your max before a workout then 30-60 seconds of cardio between sets to stay in that range for longer. A study on athletes performing this routine found they had significantly less muscle soreness. The increase in heart rate also increases blood flow so it is speculated that this causes larger supplies of glycogen, amino acids and oxygen to working muscles. This may be tough to do with being at a workout station and having to go to a treadmill or elliptical trainer and lose your spot so try taking a jump rope with you and use that right at the station.

A good way to keep blood flowing and to relax working muscles is to do some light stretching between sets or exercises. This will also help alleviate the aching feeling of really working hard with weights.

The most important part of a tough training session to help with workout recovery is to do a proper cool down. Take 5- 10 minutes to do a light jog or bike ride and then light stretching. It will do wonders for your muscles the next day.

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