Fuel the Hunger

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The Fuel the Hunger workshop is designed as a sports team presentation for athletes, coaches and parents. This 1 – 1.5 hour presentation covers the sports nutrition details athletes need to make relevant changes to their meal planning to have a significant impact on their training and performance.

Nutrition Planning

The Nutrition Planning Program is designed to help athletes to determine what, when and how much to eat by providing a framework to help choose the right foods and portion sizes.

Sports Nutrition Coaching

Changing how you eat every day on a busy schedule can be hard. Nutrition coaching will reduce the stress and develop consistent habits that will help an athlete to learn how to prepare food and eat to reach peak performance.


Hi, I’m Jacques, a sports nutrition coach based in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Everything I do, I believe in changing lives. I believe the knowledge and skills athletes learn will lead to a healthy, thriving society.

The skills and habits learned as an athlete will become the critical pieces of adult life. Dealing with the day to day work environment, family life, raising and coaching children and staying physically active in recreational sports and following a fitness program. The knowledge that is gained will inevitably be passed on the next generation and create a healthier society in the years to come.

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